Moments captured

I just love going though photos. Especially other peoples photos, and when I find one of my kid and my little brothers’  kid together on the beach like this, it just makes me all soft and gooey. Well, truth be known I am soft and gooey anyway, but you know what I mean. I didn’t see this moment, I didn’t take this picture, but I see magic captured here in a simple image.Oh man, I do go on. Shut me up someone please!

So, when I find a perfect photo what do I do? I mess with it. Hee hee.

Here’s the SOOC (remember you are all tech heads now.. this means Straight Out Of…. yes you guessed it, Camera.)

Don’t ask me what I did, I can’t remember, I just played with all sorts of layers and actions. I also cropped a little off it, as there was something looming on the left hand side of the image. Boosted colours, added a haze, increased contrast  and darkened the edges. Soft and gooey.


5 responses to “Moments captured

  1. That’s a great effect!-You really should write down what you do to these pics- I would love to have a go at replicating!

  2. Yep fantastic, but I think I’ll just send you mine to play with and take what you send back!!

  3. Glad ya’ll like it.

    Louise, what version photoshop do you use? There are so many, and I am just mucking about, would be hard to put up lessons. There are photoshop sites out there that would explain things so much better than I ever could.

    Lisa, I’d never get anything done if I started playing with your photos too! I am a lost cause.

  4. I have been doing some online tutorials- a few a week- but some of them are digiscrapping ones and some are manipulating photo ones………….I guess what I need is to see an end result I like and be given the “recipe” for getting to it- probably unrealistic given that every photo is unique blahdy blah blah!!

  5. You got it! Same with photography lessons, every light situation is different! Trial and error works well for me, I am still learning too.

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