All set for school

Tomorrow is the first day of school

I finally took those photos of Em’s school stuff. Four books! Can you believe it? I am not quite sure what they’ll be learning but at least she has 4 fabulous looking books. Seeing as there was ONLY four, we decided that we could do more than we usually do, so we Cricut Cut the names, added a little bling, some have flowers and all have ribbon for page savers. We didn’t know about the nifty plastic covers then, (did I tell you that I love you Lisa?) so we Mod-Podged them to seal them. They do look nice, and the glitter isn’t all covered up. Then we had a thought that the pens would look cool matching using the left-overs. I think we got a little carried away, but who cares?books-2


This is what they looked like bare. Naked. Cold. Boring.


Isn’t it nice to be able to go through Mum’s stash of Bling and stick them everywhere? Girls gotta have bling, even a strip of matching paper on the ruler and yes, you guessed it, bling.



Then Em found this cool gadget that she JUST HAD TO HAVE to store her pimped up pens in, and keep the flowers perdy. After a while of looking at it, we figured we could alter it too. Now nothing is safe and can have pink stuff, rub-ons and bling put on it. Maybe I will do my pantry door next.


The boys books, pencils, crayons, textas and pens are all done now too, just in time. Every last eraser and sharpener is labelled. I am in LOVE with the nifty plastic covers, the secret is out! It’s all too easy now, no more fighting with DUMB contact! No more I tell you! The boys picked their papers, and it was easy and fun, just as it should be. Good thing they don’t like flowers and bling though and I used up some old old papers that they thought was pretty good. Win win.

Uniforms ironed, socks set out… the best organised day of the school year. Now… if I can get them out of bed on time it’ll be a miracle.


6 responses to “All set for school

  1. nice job! mum covered my books way back when……I would glue “swaps” on my books, they were stickers with no sticky on them???? we loved to collect & swap them to get the whole collection, ah, the things we used to do to amuse ourselves.
    PS I have started to pimp my scrapbooking containers, looking good!!! Maybe we could have a “pimp your stuff” class, swap ideas….hummmm…..if only there was enough time lol xx

  2. What plastic covers? I am one of those haters of contact on books and can never get it all even. Any remedy to change this would be great

  3. Very speccy – Chelsea wants to live with you!!! Reckon the plastic covers were invented by a Mum with lots of kids!

  4. “pimp your stuff” – sounds very cool!

    Rachael – plastic covers, best thing! You can get them at rocks for a buck each. Worth every bit.

    Lisa – Chels can come live with me anytime! I need more kids.

  5. I think Oliver wants to live there as well. Got room for one more?

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