Chasing photos

Look into these eyes. Aren’t they just heavenly? This little lad is full of life and I seriously did not think I would get a shot of him looking at the camera, no matter what tales we told. He sure made me work, little cutie.


But this. I am so proud of him, he looked up, and I got one! Smiling no less. 
His brother and sister are just adorable too. What a beatiful family.



3 responses to “Chasing photos

  1. Tanya you are a wiz, you have shot some awesome memories to hang on our wall. Thank you

  2. My pleasure. Will call you Cathy when they are ready, just had to post a couple favourites.

  3. these photos are just so cute!! done great job Tania,
    Cathy your kids are growing up so quickly!!

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