Layout Share – Then the Angel said…

Then the Angel said… let there be Peace on Earth

Somehow I missed posting this one. It’s one of my favourites right now, probably because I love the photo so much.





3 responses to “Layout Share – Then the Angel said…

  1. This photo is so darn stunning I am a little afraid to scrap it- worried I won’t do it justice! I just pick it up, stare at it and put it right back hehehehe!

    • She can be kinda cute. I did the same thing with this one, looked at it and put it away, about 10 times! I have quite a few like that, where I really am afraid because I can’t do it justice, or the occassion was so special I don’t want to stuff it up. You know what? They aren’t done! And they are the special ones, so I was determined to do this one before it got “old” or I forgot about it.

  2. Couldn’t go too far wrong with that photo – and you have definitely done it justice!

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