He still brings me flowers

He loves me. He loves me. He loves me.


I do know this. I have always known this, and he does not feel he needs to bring me flowers to prove it. So I happily whine that I will never get flowers, and he won’t bother with celebrating Valentines Day, and that he will get me flowers when he sees fit, when he wants to. Which didn’t happen all year, and that’s ok. He’s not a flowers-kind-of-guy. And I love him. Completely. Flowers or not. I openly joke about needing gold, which I know will never come, but it’s ok. It’s fun. And I don’t need it.

But when I get home from work and he’s got flowers, chocolate AND a card. Oh boy.

That’s some brownie point collection!


6 responses to “He still brings me flowers

  1. Watch out when he wants to cash in those points!

  2. I’d rather forget Valentines Day – a close friend passed away. Louise made me a lovely card with her excellent card making skills. She should go into business.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys again.

  3. i didnot get flowers from my husband but my 19 year old son gave me a rose
    it was so nice, i am wondering what he wants

  4. Well, for Valentines day I got a trip to Bunnings and he bought me a wood pole thingy…he also got a matching one. I lugged it over to the counter, much to the amusement of the guys behind the counter. (He is putting up an archway in the garden and the wooden poles were for the stability of the arch and something for the gate to be pinned to……………very romantic!). I did however get a bunch of flowers from a lovely friend who came for a drink and a chat last Monday.

    • Chris – sorry that valentines day reminds you of your friend and makes you sad, would your friend like it if you bought chocolate to cheer yourself up? My friends would. Chocolate is good for SO many things. Louise is the cardmaking queen! Good on her. I bought one this year. shh, don’t tell anyone.
      Jenny – Gotta love a teenager who brings his Mum a rose. Major brownie points there.
      Jenny N – you have a whole garden and an archway. WOW, that’s dedication. Your garden is such a pleasure to walk through, testament to your hubbys tender care all year round.
      Girlfriends sure are worthwhile having around – especially if they show they care. Your friend must think you are pretty special. xx

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