We spent a fair part of the day here on Saturday. Aunty Louise had to work (someone’s gotta) and the remaining 7 of us drove off in the Loser Cruiser to Scitech for the day.
There is so much to see and do for the young and the not-so-young. It was supposed to be a science related, educational event, but they had way too much fun for it to possibly be called educational.
Keeping track of them all was the most difficult thing, everyone wanted to zip off in different directions and the control freak in me was having trouble with not being able to see each of my babies at the same time. I think the King thought I might burst a blood vessel if I had to ask my 3 to “Stay together”  just one more time.
It sure was fun though.
We enjoyed this a few years ago with the Grandparents, but it didn’t lose any shine as they got older. It’s a great way to spend the day. Figuring out how things work and how to wind Mum up. The best way they have found is to all split and run. Yeah, that gets Mum going. Air blasters and vortex creators. Neat sound wave machines, and robotics that had Child #3 dreaming up all sorts of things, like what he could get a robot to do for him at home – make his bed, do his homework. (I think one that restrains children would be good) Scitech had them running, jumping, turning handles and reading instructions. They pushed every button in the whole building, looked in every hole and tried every game. At least they get their money’s worth.



Hanging out with Uncle C

There are so many things to see and do, that we had to go have lunch ( nutritious – pizzas and hotdogs with softdrinks and milkshakes) and come back.


Pedalling, pushing, playing, reading, writing, sitting, listening, all the time they are learning… and they don’t even know it! Hee hee.


Child #4 was renamed Mr Muscles. He took part in one of the shows and was chosen from the audience. The 3 chosen had to bear their muscles to be the “Mr Muscles” on the show. Who could go past these whopping great muscles. He’s the man! He’s got it all goin on!


And I think this is my favourite photo of the day…


We all learned something at Scitech.

Did you know… that males fart on average 22 times a day?


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  1. And females fart 18 times – but with more potency…

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