A week behind

How does that happen? I have so much to blog about and so little time to get to it. Hmm, I think there’s something of an answer in that statement itself. 
I didn’t get to tell about Adventure World and now I have the boys’ birthday to post too. Then there’s all the happenings at the shop too with classes all week, tonight was Nat’s Calendar Class and the girls did such a nice job. Tomorrow is a Scrap Birthday party and then Kids Class. Oh I am so lucky to have such a full life.

Here’s a couple of pictures for now…


Is that my scaredy cat son up there? My more “reserved” child. The one who is not “into” rides at parks. Yes, that’s him. With his not-so-scaredy sister. MMm… not so reseved anymore… that’s them with their hands up!


And Chris snapped some of me too. I think I’d better book the hairdresser, to cut that mop, and make an appointment with the chiro whist I am on the phone. (only joking)


Uncle C went from being just “Uncle C” to being the “Coolest Uncle C Ever” with his massive stash of Lego. And he played with them, till very late. Major points there. I remember Chris as a child having the Lego out, playing for hours just as my boys do, and it was especially nice for me to see the 3 of them all playing together, totally enjoying themselves in the land of Lego.



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