New Zealand Mini Album

Nat’s been at it again. She is amazing!

Here she has used the Teresa Collins range of papers (and a bunch of other stuff) to create this wonderful little book for her New Zealand Holiday memories.

Here is the first page. My camera has gone flat and I can’t take any more pictures today, but you can see the real thing in the shop.

It’s ALWAYS better in real life, my photos don’t do it justice!


8 responses to “New Zealand Mini Album

  1. love your work Nat, beautiful as always. I was going to scrap some of my Bali photos but have misplaced them, Now I just have to work out who I loant them to?????

  2. This was so much fun to create and it all came together so quickly because the embellishments inspire you. Ran around all morning cleaning house, amusing 3yr old, getting lunch, blah blah blah, 3yr old yawns (damn shame!!!) , 3yr old needs a nigh nighs (Very SAD!!!). I sneek into my little space of heavenly bliss (my scrap room) an scrap my lil’ heart out until 3yr old wakes up (Too early …damn!!!) an we go an get 9yr old from school. Come home, organise kids, dinner, baths, e.t.c. an put kids to bed (Damn shame!!!!). Oooh is that hubby yawning (Damn!!), wait for the first snort from my dozy hubby (thats a shame …he works so hard!!!) and i’m back in that small poky, cluttered room scrappin again. Don’t you just wish they would sometimes sleep 4 days????!!! OOh it’s so much fun!!!

  3. why do i have a green monster next to my name…do u delegate an ogre to us?????

  4. mind u looking at Rachel’s i’m glad i’ve got the 3 eyed git…what is that yellow thing Rach????

  5. Do you mean to tell me that this book came together during kiddy nap time and then a few hours in the evening??!! Man, that is fast! Something like this would take me a week of nap-times and then some! AND it wouldn’t look this good!

  6. Does anyone want me to upload and post the rest of the album?

  7. sure did Louise…no drugs involved!

  8. hi Nat, hadnt noticed that, bummer! we could get Tania to take nice photos of us so we have our own pic there???

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