Wee Pup

Did you see that little pup at Christmas? “Georgie” was the big Christmas secret for Miss L. She was super cute.


Now, she was big for an 8 week old pup, and we all knew how she would grow, but honestly, watching it has been amazing. She has morphed into this before our very eyes.


 This was taken on the weekend. She is now 4 1/2 months old.
She bounds around like a maniac after the hose.


She’s so much fun to watch.


And she moves so quickly. I took dozens of photos trying to catch her still for a second, but she was SO intent of snapping the water. We found ourselves laughing out loud watching her, she ran around and around. Completely obsessed.


What a funny subject for my photos this weekend. Here she is mid-flight. Ready for the pounce.


Arrrr Lemme at it. Lemme at it!

Scary doggy. Big scary doggy. That’s one big puppy.




4 responses to “Wee Pup

  1. OMG – I would not have known it was her!!! The trouble is they are that size, but still puppies and think they are still little! Looks like she’s enjoying life…

  2. WOW! Hard to believe that’s her………Still adorable though- just not in that toilet paper commercial way 😉

    • Hee hee – or the Kleenex ads. I will have to get her to sit still fo rme to get her “growing up” photos for Miss L’s scrapbook album. Not that she wouldn’t have 50 million of her own already.

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