I learned more uses for glue stick today

Having a conversation with Child #4 over homework the other day, talk turned to “glue stick”. (as it does)

Child #4 “Hey Mum, did you know that Johnny (not his real name) sits in class licking his glue stick, like it’s an icecream.” Demonstration to follow.

Me ” Oh really?” (doens’t surprise me that it was Johnny who would do that) “He might get unwell from that”

Child #4 “Oh no, he checked, it’s non toxic”

Me “I still think that’s a bad idea”

Child #4 “Yeah, and Sally (not her real name) puts it on her legs’.

Me. “Oh really? Why would she do that?” (not expected behavior from Sally, and I was interested in what would possess someone to put glue stick on their legs).

Child #4 “to keep her socks up”


of course!


7 responses to “I learned more uses for glue stick today

  1. that is so funny!!! And actually very clever…won’t be telling my daughter though!!

  2. When i was at the grammar (many many years ago), all the girls used glue to hold the socks up, we even worked out which glue was the best to use!!! that is so funny!!

  3. Julie Marchetti

    Yeah even at Nagle this is a common known fact….about 2 years ago my daughter’s sole purpose of her glue stick was for socks…never on school work.

  4. uh oh, seems I am WAY behind in the times…

  5. Well, make that two of us that are behind on the times. I have never heard of it before either. How do the socks wash up afterwards?

  6. Julie Marchetti

    Elastic has tooooo much give apparently as I have been told in the millions of arguments about glueing socks. Once I threatened that her socks would be “all yucky” as I put it, but alas, wash out beautifully everytime so this mum admitted defeat and let socks be glued.
    some battles just aren’t worth it.

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