Deadlines… argh!

Here’s a peek at what I’m working on.
It’s turned out kinda fun, but I’ve ended up doing much more than I anticipated, and want to do more. Do you get that? Start out with an easy project then it turns out bigger than Ben Hur? I am so exhausted everyday lately that when I get to this project I find myself sitting and just procrastinating, getting very little done.
Argh. Time’s almost up!


I took it into work today and the girls reaction was so positive that I am inspired to keep going and get it finished. Thanks ladies – you rock! Then the 7Gypsies stuff came in and some nice Imagininsce bits that would just look perfect and I am keen to get onto it. Trouble is that I am only just home again now and it’s after 11 already and my book is calling me…

Tomorrow. I promise myself I will get it done.

PS… go read on my Sister In Law’s blog post tonight about her safety pins and ‘the note’. Hee hee.


2 responses to “Deadlines… argh!

  1. This project looks intriguing- love the gate looking thing there- would love to see a pic of the finished product!

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