It’s complete

It’s done. I will have photos for you tomorrow.


I ended up pretty happy with it too.
Just CHECK out that awesome magnetic catch!


4 responses to “It’s complete

  1. Well done Tan!!!! Good to see you rose to the challenge when the pressure was on… it will be loved. Look forward to seeing the end product… it was lookin’ pretty darn cool the other night! Hope you an Rach have a great holiday (Oops…work trip!!!!!)

    • Thanks for the inspiration Nat. What would I do without you? Hey, go check out the 7Gypsies stuff that came in before it all goes again.
      We are going to have a great time I am sure! Hopefully we won’t miss any flights this time.

  2. That looks gorgeous- can’t wait for more pics!

    • Sorry Lou, pics won’ t be up till the end of the week at least now, I just plain ran out of time. Yikes. Even with the extra hour tonight.
      Yay… end of daylight savings!

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