She cried.

That’s always a good sign with my dear friend Wendy. It means you got it right. Well, I guess it could mean the opposite too, but I just know I got it right. She is a very special lady and I really wanted her to have the perfect gift.

Wendy is the person who has saved my family. She is the reason we are all still together, all 6 of us – happy. If it were not for Wendy I would imagine we couldn’t go on as we do. You see, Wendy cares for Joshua. She is our respite carer, and has been for over 13 years now. She is like family. She has Joshua every week,  rain hail or shine. And believe me there has been plenty of rain over the years. She is always there for us, part of our family. We would not survive as a family without the respite care we currently recieve. She has enabled us to keep Joshua, and we so love her for it. I couldn’t imagine life without my eldest son near to me.

It’s her birthday tomorrow, and I gave her the album today. I am so glad she liked it. I knew she would. I love it when you give someone special something that really touches their heart.

I took a stack of photos, but don’t have time to post them all here now, it’s way past my bedtime as I have to be up at 4.30 tomorrow to head off to Sydney for SIA  {how exciting- wil keep you updated – nerdy me is taking her laptop}

But I just couldn’t go without posting at least a couple. Here’s the first page and the last page.




Night. xxx


4 responses to “She cried.

  1. It looks fantastic, who wouldn’t be pleased with it Tania…. safe and happy travels and look forward to reading of your trip every few days….

  2. What a gorgeous thoughtful gift- I know Wendy would have teared up within milliseconds! Have a great trip!!!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a very special lady who means so much to the family . We love you Wendy and appreciate all you do for Joshua .
    Love from Bev and Theo

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