She RAN!!!

Rachel ran for her life


And made on the flight with only 3 seconds to spare.

So nearly was I here in Sydney alone. They had all but closed the boarding and she was nowhere to be seen. I called her 3 times on her phone – no answer. I waited till the last person had gone through with their boarding pass… still no Rachel. They dudes at the gate called her over the loudspeaker throughout the whole airport over 7 times. Final call! “Where on Earth could she be?” My mind raced. It looked as if she would miss the flight for sure. What was I going to do? What was she going to do? What could be holding her up? I waited and waited. They guys at the counter said they were locating her bag to remove it from the aircraft. Oh no! They said to go on board, she may have slipped through.

I walked down the empty corridor hoping and praying I was the last person and she as sitting waiting for me. Everyone was on board. They were all seated waiting. As I got to my seat I saw 2 empty seats, mine and hers. The rest of the plane was full. Full and waiting. Minutes ticked by.

Oh man! What is it with me and missing flights? I must be cursed.

Just then, she comes flying down the centre aisle full throttle… red bag flinging along behind her, its wheels hardly touching the ground. She was hyperventilating, talking nineteen to the dozen on how she got caught up in security after coffee with Peter and Nicole, not realising that one could come upstairs and wait in the lounge there. It took a good while for her heart rate to return to its regular pace and for her voice to calm to an in-flight mode and to settle into the journey.

I am so pleased she made it.


After a while I got into my book. Thanks Mum for finishing it in time for me xxx, and Rachel got into her new book that I picked up at the Perth Terminal. They have the best books there. There I stayed with my nose in the book until we arrived 4 hours later. I tell ya, sitting on my behind for 8 hours solid is not good for my old spine.

Our hotel is ok, small room, but inexpensive, even though it’s new. This area is just beautiful, very smart, and it smells divine in the street with all the trees, but it’s eerily quiet. We walked to a local restaurant recommended to us and had a scrumptious meal, steak for me and seafood basket for Rachel and a couple of drinks. What a treat. Then we picked up some local talent and took them home with us. No, not really, just seeing if you are paying attention.

We are back in our hotel, ready for bed, exhausted and happy, planning our day for tomorrow. Might go check out a scrap shop, perhaps go to the city, and maybe even see a show.




11 responses to “She RAN!!!

  1. Hey its nicole,
    I hope you both have lots of fun in sydney cant wait to see all the new bits and pieces.

    love nicole xoxo

  2. Hey honey! Thanks. We already are having fun… it REALLY is a business trip (wink wink), it is cool being in another city.

    Mum says hi.

  3. I’m one of those folk who get to the airport with 2 hours to spare and still panic that I’m going to miss the flight. I need to have plenty of time to check my luggage in, visit the bookshop/newsagent, get a coffee, and go to the toilet. I can’t imagine the panic that must set in when you cut it so fine like that- BUT i’m very glad that you both made your flight ok.
    PS I also get to work 1/2 hr before I am due to start so I can get a coffee, go to the toilet and put my bag away!!

    • Louise, I think between you and me we could find some happy medium. You are organised and I am a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda girl. A leave-things-till-the-last-minute kinda girl. Mostly, but not completely. I like to have a rough plan… but if it doesnt work, then it’s not the end of the world. Tomorrow is another day.

  4. Hi Tania
    I hope you and Rachel have a great time,
    enjoy you trip.\,
    Hope you both learn lots of new stuff so you can teach us

    thinking of you both

  5. Hi Tania & Rachel
    So you Rachel always cutting it fine (but we love you). So glad you both made it to Sydney safe and sound. Have LOTS & LOTS of fun and bring us back exciting new things to see and do.
    Love to you both

  6. Rachel, you are a crack up, but we love you anyway.. Have a wonderful time in Sydney and bring back some new goodies. See you soon. Pat

  7. Sue and I have run for a plane before – not fun! I’m also a bit paranoid and aspire to get there early – not always succesfully! And I LOVE airport bookshops.

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