SIA Day One

We are exhausted, what a fabulous day. You betta hold onto your hats coz we have got some stuff you show you!

Right now, it’s midnight and we are so tired (and a little drunk) so you will just have to wait till we get a chance to upload the photos and projects that we have been working on all day… oh my gawd you are gonna love this!

Here’s a couple of me with some fabulous ladies here… we have the best teachers in Australia! (Beside ourselves of course hee hee)


Carole Janson


Julie from Collections


Lovely lovely lovely as always from Delish.. . oh there is so much to show you!


Loved my class with Carol Wingert… can’t wait to share.


With Audrey doing a GORGEOUS name tag… I will treasure for ever and ever (provided it doesn’t pop my boob) What do you think about having the very talented Audrey come to Geraldton to teach a class? I think we might be able to sweeten her to come up…

Gotta go.. time’s up on my internet.





One response to “SIA Day One

  1. Would love to see what you did in Carol Wingert’s class, and I always love what Collections do with their product……….post some pics as soon as you can ok??

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