Are you going to finish strong?

I saw this today on Ngaire’s blog, and had to share it here too.


6 responses to “Are you going to finish strong?

  1. I’ve seen this guy a few times- his attitude to life is unbelieveable and he never fails to inspire- you all might remember him being on Sixty Minutes a little while back- he was demonstrating how he SWIMS!!

    • I missed that, saw it briefly on some ads. Makes me think twice about whining about my back pain or my sore calves from walking the bridge, at least I have them.

  2. this guy is amazing, i first saw a clip on him when i was going through some hard times- with the parents and been a teenager- it was just great timing and was what i really needed! i can stop wondering how many other kids would benfit from a school visit from him.
    he really does inspire all he talks to!

  3. Gotta love this guy. His zest for life and triumph through major disability is incredible. Makes a “bad day” for me seem rather trivial!

  4. My god aren’t some people inspirational!! It’s just amazing how he copes and happily! Talking to kids and inspiring them! I watched the kids with tears in their eyes and the cuddles that they gave him after, a very touching experience for all! Sue

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