Home from SIA

My last post was typed up on the plane (whilst the guy next to be waffled on to Rachel) and we were just too hammered to upload it last night. We arrived at our hotel at like 2am Sydney time and after being up so early (with very little sleep) I found myself on empty in desperate need of a bed.

We got to the hotel and checked in, the kind lady gave me my key “Here you are Maam, you are in room 5, just around the corner and up the stairs, when you get into your room, just put this tab into the slot for the lights and electricity…”
I was like “What… hold the bus… there is no way i can do stairs”. I think she thought I was going to cry. I was ready to sleep right there in the lobby. My calves are KILLING me from the big climb up the Stupid Bridge and I was so sleep deprived, looking rather haggard from the long trip, I might just cry.
She kindly swapped our room and I led the way for Rachel with the car. I unlocked the door (it took me about 15 goes to get the key to work) and opened the door, I took one look at the “double bed” and swiftly closed it again. “Sorry Rachel, I love you and all, but I am NOT sleeping with you tonight…. I NEED sleep”. I headed back to the reception where she changed rooms yet again for us.

Finally – SLEEP.

Today we drove home to Geraldton. We did a quick lap of Ikea beforehand, and were home by 5pm, ready for class by 6pm.

Peta has been doing fabulously whilst we are away, the shop looks great, the Easter display is awesome… love that gorgeous white Easter Tree! A BIG order came in yesterday, (she would have LOVED that) and there is a big pile of notes on my desk, which I ignored tonight during class. Tomorrow is another day. Checked emails tonight, mostly up to date now. Mostly.

Right now I am pretty whacked, so no photos. I’ll be at work tomorrow if anyone wants any sneak peeks at what we did in class, I shared 3 tonight with the extension ladies – they loved it.

I also spoke about the Wedding Album idea, we will be completing a whole wedding album (or can be family album, or 21st etc) with the new Delish range. This album will be complete in 4 hours, however the girls wanted to do a late night, so we have set a date for June 13th, Saturday night, 6pm till midnight. Let me know if you are interested. I have 6 places still available. Cost $15 plus supplies. Very classic. Simple and extraordinarily beautiful.

Of course there are LOTS and LOTS of new classes, and ideas, Rachel and I are brimming with them from being away together, so come in and see what we are up to.

Rachel is having a Late Night Lock In on Saturday night, it’s a big one… 4pm till midnight. Come scrap with her, it’s fun and inspirational to get some pages done.

See you tomorrow.



6 responses to “Home from SIA

  1. Hi Tania
    Can you book me in for the class on the 13th June



  2. hi tania,
    can you please also put my name down for this class.
    ta – jo drage

  3. Hi Tania can you book me into the class
    Diana H

    • Diana.. we cannot possibly put you in for this class, we discussed it on Thursday night (with the extension girls) and decided you are not allowed to do this class. Hee hee.
      Know why? Because you said (years ago) that when you finish your Wedding Album you will quit scrapbooking. We can’t have that!
      Just kidding, I will put you in tomorrow when I go in.

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