Finally I can read

I have been absolutely hanging out to get my eyes into this last book of the series. Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to have the book, and not have 10 minutes to spare to read it! I am into it now… and Sunday is a day of rest for me so I can be sure I will get plenty of time on the couch, curled around my favourite bunch of pillows reading this last book.
Already I am sad it’s the last.

Then what?

I suppose I could be like my child #2 and start reading them all over again. She is busting for me to finish Breaking Dawn because she’s up to it again – I have hidden it so she won’t find it and steal it off me.

Off now to my comfy spot… night xx



12 responses to “Finally I can read

  1. I read them twice and enjoyed them better the second time. Have a peaceful Sunday X

    • Slept in, cut Joshy’s hair, cut Andrew’s hair, did 3 loads of washing and had visitors till after 8pm. Always nice, but not much reading. I’ve got to get unruly kids to bed now and finish washing… then read!

  2. Then you read her other book “The Host”

  3. Bit hard to explain, very interesting concept…..but again, it’s not so much about “what”she is, but the relationships she forms- bit like Twilight is more a love story than a book about vampires. It’s worth a look- and it’s an easy read like her other ones too.

  4. Great, you just spoilt it. These books are about vampires…

    Louise, why arrre ttheeee keeys stickkin gon my keyboardd…?

  5. I have just finished the last book (read all the series in under a week) and am feeling sad that it has come to an end. I think the end has been left wide open so perhaps she may take off from there? Here’s hoping… now is all i have to do is find myself an infatuated vamp like Edward… ahhhhhhhhhhhh!


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