Carol’s Class

Here’s a few pic from the project I made in Carol Wingert’s class at SIA this last week. I will be making this project as a class sometime soon, so if you like surprises then close your eyes. Ha, as if.

I had such fun learning about glimmermist techniques, can’t wait to share my newfound love in class next term.


It’s a folio, used for all sorts of things, like a few photos or mementos. It’d make a lovely gift, or welcome home for a baby with sepia photographs throughout. 


I am not quite sure what I will use mine for yet, i just love looking through it and have opened it just to admire the masking and misting i gleefully did in class (because I didn’t have to clean up the mess)


You wouldn’t believe what this started out as, so simple and easy, and I will teach you! Carol is from Arizona USA,  and we were thrilled to have her as our teacher, I took 2 of her classes. She seemed to really enjoy her time with us at SIA and commented how she thought it was really cool how we (Australians)  handled our “blades”, most ladies she knew used scissors. I think most of us would have smuggled her home with us if we could.



This ribbon was a special treat from her to us. Vintage French ribbon.  Genuine. From Paris. And you can’t buy it. And she gave it to us. From Paris. French. Vintage. Authentic.

Do you get the keywords here to a girls heart?


6 responses to “Carol’s Class

  1. Very jealous of that ribbon! Re-packing yet??

    • She purchased a whole bunch of it from a lady who didn’t care what it was, she was just happy to sell it. Carol had it checked over by someone who confirmed it’s authenticity and suggested it was around 1960’s. Doesn’t that make a girl just feel special.
      I didn’t put my case away, I’ve washed and folded and put it back in the case – smart!

  2. That project looks gorgeous! Love the ledger paper, and the ribbon of course- very generous of her!

  3. I love it. I want it. Please please please! I’ll be GOOD!!!!!! (needs some glitter though, hehe)

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