Last class for Term 1

Tonight I ran the last class for Term one – with many girls away; choosing to slip into one of the previous classes this week or last or taking the class as a “take-away”. It seems the Easter break is just too tempting and we are in holiday mode already.

The girls (naughty noisy crude girls) who did attend the class got to see the new “MRS” in the workshop – Narrelle brought in her photos and shared with us about her day. She looked absolutely beautiful and had a fabulous day. Now she will be onto that Wedding Album. With literally thousands of photos to choose from she is sure to have a great album.

Enjoy your Easter break.



2 responses to “Last class for Term 1

  1. Naughy, noisy, crude girls? Who exactly were you talking about? Not me i hope. Must’ve been that Natasha girl. Yes Narelle looked gorgeous. I can’t wait to see all her photo’s in an album. Chop chop Narelle.

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