Too Good to Be True?

I am so lucky.

To go away is tricky with a business, a home, four kids one of them handicapped and limited funds. But the cards have all fallen in my favour and we have been blessed with the opportunity to ‘get away” for the past week.

Did you wonder why I was so quiet?

My brother Shane called me from Adelaide a while back knowing there was a “Free seat Promo” on Tiger Airlines, and I looked longingly online to see if I could get a flight and was very surprised that I could get them over Easter. It seemed “too good to be true”. I was always taught that if a deal seemed too good to be true, then it probably was. I could get 5 flights to Adelaide, costing only tax and luggage for $40 each.

But was Wendy and Kevin available to care for Josh for the whole week? I rang, (timidly mind you, they have had him heaps this year). Thankfully, between the 2 of them they could work it out. These two are Godsends I tell, straight from above.

But what about work? I couldn’t ask Rachel to work 5 days straight, but there was Dani, happily chiming in behind me that she would do 2 if Rach would do 3. More Angels in my life.

And my home? My pets, cats, dogs. Well there are 2 more Angels, Mr D and Miss L who came to our aid. Although I got a text from Mr D after I asked if he was missing me. His reply was ” your house is quieter and cleaner when you are not here, and the computer is always free. Stay as long as you like”

I have been typing blog updates, and have taken WAY too many photos, but haven’t had Internet Connection on my laptop, (typing this on my Dad’s computer) so I will upload them when I can, probably Saturday,  so you can read about our wonderful time away and find out whether that deal really is “too good to be true” or not.  

Love always



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