Good Friday

Good Friday

Today we travelled the road to Perth. I have never seen so many vehicles on this road before in my time. Not that I am a regular traveller mind you, especially in peak holiday times, but it astounded me how many were travelling North for Easter. And we were going in the opposite direction. So many people travelling!


Once upon a time it was a difficult trip with my young ‘uns, and I loathed the thought of getting in the car with them. The packing, the organising, the trip, the stops, the incessant chatter, questions and the inevitable vomit from each of my offspring. It was something I avoided as much as possible. I recall a trip to Perth a few years back, (which should take about 4 ½ hours), took us 10 hours. That was the “trip from hell” and each of our 4 children had vomited at least twice. At least. We were “almost” there, 9 ½ hours down and the King was ready to turn that van around and go home.  Needless to say our trip only got better from there, our marriage is intact and the kids lived.

Some people love to travel. Packing their kids up in their cars (or if they were even crazier they would have a van attached) and heading off, the road calling them.

My young ‘uns are not so young anymore and now amazingly travel well, (ahem, correction – the 3 youngest do, our big boy doesn’t travel well so stays home in care) so it’s not the trauma it used to be. And if the air-conditioner in the car worked it could even be pleasant. # 2 child sat up in the very back, singing along to her headphones which was quite entertaining in itself.  Children #’s 3 & 4 alternated between asking dumb questions, whinging about something or other, playing handheld games and sleeping.

We were there on time. 4 ½ hours, not 10. Magic. No vomit and not too much yelling. Actually I had the window open due to the air-conditioning, or lack of it, so I couldn’t hear much for most of the trip. I’m still a little deaf now.


2 responses to “Good Friday

  1. We went down to Perth the Saturday before Easter and commented on the same thing… the amount of traffic was unreal !!!! Mostly going North too thank goodness…..

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