Airport Good Friday

We spent the evening at Chris and Louise’s house and had a special seafood meal; they had made lobster tails for entrée and seafood cakes with crab, fish and prawns for dinner. Very swish! Little O was pretty happy to see us, but those kids of mine took him over again, so I completely miss out on his attention! I think I am going to have to swing another trip to Perth by myself!



Chris drove us to the airport in our car (he is keeping our hunk of junk on his front verge whilst we are away – and I just know how he loves that, I feel very special) and is also coming to pick us up. You know I get the feeling that he still loves me. Man he used to love me, when he was a little boy, my little pesky brother. We used to be so close, even when we fought. Anyhow, he’s 6 foot something now, and much older, it’s nice to feel so welcome. At least he doesn’t pull my hair anymore. Or bite me. And I don’t tell him “I can hear Mum calling you” anymore either. It was fun to watch him go running to his Mummy. Especially when he was wrecking my tent made up of sheets and blankets and the couch. But I digress. Back to the airport.

So, the downside of “free” flights, is that they leave at all sorts of ungodly hours. Our flight was for 2 am. That’s TWO in the morning. Are they nuts? I feel like maybe I am th nutter. The other downside is that you can’t pick your seats. So I have to smile nicely and hope they seat us altogether (not like last time) and it pays to be there 2 hours before. So, that’s Midnight. Yep. Nuts.



The kids were great in the airport. It was midnight when we arrived, and my kids stood in line, twitching with excitement and behaving beautifully. I love it when they behave beautifully. It doesn’t happen all that often. I guess I know how bad they can be, so it makes me ever so grateful when they are being good. I looked around at the other children, all standing with bleary eyes, looking like zombies and I felt sorry for them being woken up to get on a plane. Then I realised that all the “good parents” must have put their children to bed to get some healthy sleep before flying through the night as we would arrive at 6 am. My kids that hadn’t even been to bed yet. Oops.


Now there’s some more evidence of my “parenting skills” . Letting them go off to purchase their own drinks! Nothing like sugar overload to keep you partying through the wee hours.


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