All is well

As you can imagine I have been busy again. Since coming home from Adelaide I have not been able to catch up – I am so far behind!

And the world won’t stop for me.

Not even for a day.

There’s bookwork and homework and workwork too. Classes have started – Yay, that’s my favourite part of the day – and then that delivery man keeps on bringing us new boxes. Then, when I’m home, I am working on stuff for (shh) Mother’s Day and we are babysitting Miss L till David comes home. She needs a lot of attention. We’ve even fit in a few meetings here and there as well as a well-earned morning -tea-that-ends-at-luchtime with some girlfriends!~

It was Child #2’s birthday yesterday, and she had a lovely day with presents, and Nanna and Liss L came over before dinner. Miss L sent her balloons at school too – totally spoilt!

I am here – I haven’t dropped off the face of the Earth, and all is well. Lots to show you in the shop soon too. Come by and see what we’ve got!


2 responses to “All is well

  1. Hope Miss E had a great day and tell Miss L that we are taking good care of Mr D for her!

  2. She did thanks… nice card!
    Miss L will be very happy to have her man home I think.

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