We have a new shop

just kidding.

I wish sometimes I had a new shop.  A bigger shop. A fantastically massive shop that has rows and rows of shelving and SPACE TO ACTUALLY DISPLAY STOCK!!!! Yeah, keep wishin’ girl.

Right now, we are content with our lovely little shop, with lovely little shelves, and yes, I CAN be content with just ONE lovely little ribbon stand. I can. I can.

But when we get new stock it’s always a bit of a dilemma as to where we are actually going to put it. It won’t sell out of 5 boxes in the workroom. Well, technically it will, as we have been doing for the past week, but it’s certainly not a good business option.

So my good scrapping friends turned up last night after class to help me do a new display. Turned out, they did most of it themselves, turned the shop upside down in the process and stayed till midnight (and the vodka had NOTHING to do with that!) I promised Michele I would take a photo and post it on the blog, coz it looks kinda fantastic, but sorry Michele… I forgot I had a class first thing this morning and had to clean up the workroom!

Thank you Michele, Nat and Lauren for all your help last night. I am so blessed with good friends who will volunteer their time to help me out. Mwah! Also, whilst I am on it, Lisa M spent the day with Rachel today, and Tania N did yesterday, and they did a little volunteering of their own! Thank you guys so very much for hanging out down at the shop hovering over the delicious new stock, finding space for it to go on the shelf and encouraging me with your happy natures.


2 responses to “We have a new shop

  1. absolute pleasure Tan!!!! It was fun and the new stock is yummo everyone…get on in there!!!

  2. I wish!!!! whos got the winning lotto ticket???? would just love to buy us the ideal store & have fun setting it up with all the goodies, dreams are free & some times they even come true…

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