The way to my heart

My kids know the way to my heart. They should, they are what makes my heart tick.

This Mother’s Day I was completely spoilt – they are so good to me.

Sorry Lisa, by the way, to hear that your husband went fishing. Don’t hate me. I have a parcel for you being sent soon. I promise.

It started with a sleep-in. Oh and boy was it a sleep in. I dragged my lazy butt out of bed at 10.30. Then I wasn’t allowed to come out… obviously some surprise going on, so I got ready and sat on the bed for another 15 minutes till I was allowed to come out.

I was ushered to the lounge where I was served egg on toast by Child#2, who is a great cook, and sang to by Child #1, who is not a good singer. Whilst eating my breakfast I was showered with handmade gifts and cards… looksee what I got.

Mothers Day 09

Now I just love the handmade stuff, and the night before when #2 is fossicking through my stuff looking for Glossy Accents and beads I know she’s up to something. And then #’s 3 and 4 come looking for magnetic material (for clasps on the purses) it gets me wondering. And whilst I am wondering, I am secretly pleased that my stash of stuff is interesting to them, and even more pleased that they know what Glossy Accents is, and how to use the magnetic material.

Mothers Day 09 card

I just love the detail on these. They made them for me. ME. They love me. I am the luckiest woman alive. I have 4 beautiful children who love me. One who now has a blue hand. And one fantastic husband who made sure I did absolutely nothing all day, except sit and watch “chic flicks”, eat marshmallows and have a neck massage. He even took me to my Mothers.

Check out those beads on the ribbons for a necklace! I will wear them with pride – made with love from my baby girl. And those purse cards – my boys rock!

And all four let me take a photo of them. It was not willingly, but I got a photo of them. “Just smile the biggest fakest smile, pretend like this is the happiest day of your life” Better than sour pus frowns. But they did it, and I got a shot, albeit under sufferance. Mothers Day 09 kids

Lucky lucky lucky. And no fishing.


12 responses to “The way to my heart

  1. Well Chris didn’t go fishing but he did go car racing and left me with a tired cranky little boy who stayed up way too late the night before (we went to a party)………but I got a Wii and a Wii Fit so that makes up for it! Love your home made goodies- too sweet!!

    • Boo To Chris nicking off on you on Mother’s Day
      Yay to the party – Hope you had fun.
      Yay to Wii – more fun.
      Boo to Wiifit – excercise, yuck.
      🙂 xxx

  2. And thanks to you girls at the Scrapbook House who helped Dakota to make her mother’s day gift. It was beautiful and she was proud as punch!

    • Rachael – she was so happy. I love her confidence. She’s a great kid and really wanted to make you something you’d like. Kinda had an aversion to pink for you though. 🙂

  3. Have a parcel for you too…coming very soon! Love your treasures – they giving me a run for my money or what??? At least they aren’t fabric bags!!
    Mark did at least take the eldest with him…although of course, she is the easiest!

  4. Wii Fit doesn’t feel like exercise- it’s like a video game you play with your whole body HA! Off to the Craft and Quilt Fair today- all three of us going on a train ride- will be Oliver’s first train trip!!

    • That’s sneaky, like when Mum puts “good food” hidden in pie. Hee hee
      And I am not jealous at all that you are going to the fair today… NNNOOOOTTTT! 😛

  5. Well there wasn’t much scrap stuff- two or three stands of total rubbish, some great stamping stuff- splurged a bit there- but it was a quilter’s/patchworker’s paradise!

  6. you lucky girl, well deserved too.

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