Man I feel like I am working in a cupboard these days. The office somehow has become so overloaded with ‘stuff’ and my paperwork is piling up and up and up and up.

I am just swamped.

Desk swamped

Feeling a little overloaded, I stood back from my desk and took a good look. Surprised at how bad it looked, so I took a photo with the thought that I’d fix this mess and then later, take another to show myself how good my space can look.

No wonder I cannot feel at peace in my office… it’s like a bomb has hit it and I can’t seem to get to it. I am spending so much time in the shop, on the phone, planning classes, altering the shop, talking to people and ordering stock. I love doing everything, I don’t think there is one job I don’t like doing at the shop, so it’s all fun… but I am not getting it all done. And I am leaving my paperwork – again. Why do I do that? I enjoy my paperwork. I just let it go as I guess it feels like it can be left.

Okay, so I lied… there is one job at the shop I don’t like. No, it’s not the bathroom… it’s the dishes.  I leave them and the fairy comes.

Yesterday I had 23 Nagle girls in for a Cuttlebug Demo  (by the way… they did themselves and the school very proud with their beautiful behaviour and manners well done ladies) then in the afternoon I had a nice TAFE group in who are about to embark on their first scrapbooking adventure. So, I didn’t get to it all my paperwork today… but I sure made a dent in it!

I read something today from a book my brother was carting around with him called “Think Smart Act Smart” by Darren Bridger and David Lewis.

It said


The following principle was orginally designed to help people clear the piles of paper from their in-trays or e-mails from their in-boxes – but it’s useful for any activity. Apply the 3D rule:

Do it.

Drop it, or

Delegate it.


Ok – the paperwork on my desk. I am going to DO IT.


11 responses to “Swamped

  1. Tania your desk looks like BOTH of mine. The one at work and my scraproom/office/study desk and your’e right it does not make you want to do any work. I’m with you, it do all need doing and I am going to DO IT.
    P.S. Can’t wait to see what you have done to the shop.

    • Hey Diana, our chat the other day inspired me too! I sat and did a solid 2 hours of work at home, banning myself from the computer till it was done. Boy it felt good that night when I went to bed, that I completed what I had been putting off.
      Desk challenge now. I’m on it.

  2. I have always followed the 3d rule- especially when I was managing a store and testing eyes all day- and I still mostly apply it now…………my biggest thing is lists though- just love crossing things off the list. It just feels good. And you’ll be pleased to know I have already put away all my purchases from the show- my stamp drawers are getting a little crowded and I think I have almost as much fabric as patterned paper GASP! Will need to re-think my storage solutions in the scrap room- can’t create if it’s not organised in there!

  3. you go girl! your desk looks good today. It was my turn to be overwhelmed today, sorry, so much to do & the orders keep comming in & piling up in the corner…….yes l will get to them …..when??? maybe I will do some tomorrow.

  4. There’s planty of room in my life for both fabric and paper! Just not sure there’s plenty of room in the scrap-room…….bit of an organisational overhaul required me thinks…..just need Chris to remove the last reminders of the room’s previous life as a study…..you would think since he took over the formal lounge he could shift everything into there!??

    • Maybe try the fourth 3D rule… if you can’t “Do” it, and you can’t “Drop” it, and if you have “Delegated” it and the delegated isn’t playing… then try the fourth 3D rule… Dump it. In the lounge… better still… on his desk… that’s sure to get attention. Probably not GOOD attention, but attention. 🙂

  5. Having it all just sit there would bug me more than it would bug him!

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