Zutter stuff

ZutterShelleystandingI am loving the Zutter machine. Going a little nuts with it though, I have to hold myself back, I find myself wanting to bind everything. Even the kids homework. That could be bad.

We have lots of binders in stock, and our machine is on sale till the end of the week, then it goes back up to regular price. We have one cute little Zutter bag… and it’s pink! Gotta love that.

Zutter stuff

Shelley did this album at the shop and said I could share with you. Thanks Shelley! I love the colours she has used… how cute is that dolphin?



Zutter stuff 2

And there are lots of papers for mini books. Trust me – 6 x6  pads make life easier (and more cost effective too, because I am a sucker for every pattern and would end up buying every sheet in the large size, just coz I love ’em).


3 responses to “Zutter stuff

  1. I almost succumbed and bought a Zutter today at the Show……..gotta love those 6×6 Basic Gey pads- awesome for cards………..wish you had all this stuff when i was up there…….maybe just as well you didn’t!

  2. live your mini book Shelly, great photos & like Tania says, the colours match perfectly.

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