A little something I’m working on

Mmm… there’s that Zutter machine again.

Zutter Bev

Making a project for someone special… wonder who that could be?

Zutter Bev 2

This is my bestest most favourite photo from our Adelaide trip. Love that it captured some fun between me and my Dad. Love ya Dad – Mwah!

Did you notice that my baby girl is nearly as tall as her Oma?


4 responses to “A little something I’m working on

  1. Great photos- does that means Emily’s getting tall or that Bev is just really short?! Love ya Bev!

    • Well… Em used to be one of the shortest in her class. Now I think she’s average, she’s growing so quick now though and it’s causing her problems with her knees. She’d better slow down!

  2. Yep great pics. I think Bev is shrinking somehow.

    Looks like the ‘usual’, “Oh crap we need to take a group photo because we’re flying home this evening” type.

    Em, you’re such a glam’.

    • Mum is shrinking too – those oldies … I am taller than Mum now, and she was always 1/2 inch taller than me. Now I am 1/2ínch taller (or more) than her.

      This was a photo taken at the park – see how sweaty the boys are – they had been running, jumping, climbing (places you are not allowed to climb) all over that cool Noarlunga Playground. No, not last minute! 😛
      Oh I remember the stress of that at Christmas trying to get a group photo… man! Smile OR ELSE! and DO. NOT. TEST. MY. PATIENCE.
      …. Now SMILE.

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