Twiddleybitz Easel

Did I tell  you how much I love these stand up easels by Twiddleybitz? They are so ooh-la-la!

Check this out. This is my new easel display stand. Like it? You too can have one just like it. Welll, almost. Almost because you’d have to paint yours and then it’d be a one-of-a-kind. Like mine. Hee hee.

Twiddleybitx Easel

You could display your all time favourite page. Or you could create a layout directly on it, like an ‘off-the-page” kind of way.

But if you are like me you might like to look at your work for a while before it gets hidden away in your scrapbook.

Twiddleybitx Easel 2

I strategically leave mine on my desk for a while, then as I walk past I get to admire it for a little longer. Then off it goes to the works-in-progress file that’s labelled “Completed layouts that need to go away”. Yes I really do have a file labelled with this.

Twiddleybitx Easel 3

These easels come in 12 x 12 size (that’s the measurements in the centre for your layout) and also in 6 x 6. They come raw, and I spritzed this one with a little glimmermist – honestly it took all of 2 and a half minutes to colour, and the glimmermist looks so nice with the hint of sparkle in it. I am waiting on new stock as every last bottle has sold, then I am going to spritz some more with different colours. Can’t wait!


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