Lego Love

There are a million ways to say ” I love you”. You could say it with flowers, you could shout it to the world. You could write it on a note, you could scratch it in the sand. You can even say it with a look .

I must admit, I am pretty lucky, I have been told ” I love you” a million times already. Maybe more.

But it always makes me smile when I see a new inventive way to be told these all important words.

Child #3 left this on my desk the other day.

lego I love you

Perfect message from a ten year old lego fan.

We are all organised for our trip to Perth with Joshua now, and I think I am finally starting to compose myself a little better. (Sorry about my little panic attack the other night when I got the letter). The whole experience from years ago remains in my mind  and I couldn’t help but feel distressed, but I have now given myself a good slap, accepted the wonderful help offered and organised this trip as best as I can to suit Joshua.  I am armed this time.  I will step up to the plate again.


One response to “Lego Love

  1. you go girl!! some how we just dig deep & get on with it, we can do coffee in perth over the weekend if you are still there.

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