He’s out

Our little dude is doing very well, he is almost back to cheeky stinky little self. He was discharged this afternoon and we are now kicking back relaxing watching “Cars” on DVD. He’s looking much better. Yesterday his face and eyes had a reaction to the tapes used in theatre so he was all red and puffy. Not a good look. Today, the only things you can see are the blisters on his mouth and the sores on the edges.

PMH Sensory room 1

Did you know that at Princess Margaret Childrens’  Hospital they have a “megazone” area which offers a welcoming and friendly environment away from the ward areas. There’s lots of fun things to do there, like computer games, a playground, art and craft and more. Personally I’d like to go play in the art/craft area, but seeing as Josh was the patient and not me, I thought I’d better take him where he’d most like to go. The Sensory room. What a cool place, especially for those with disablities.

I think my #1 child would like to stay here all day. There were lights and sounds and interactive switches for him to play with.

Josh PPMH Sensory room 5This one was his favourite. He stared intensly at it for the longest time.
PMH Sensory room 2

PMH Sensory room 4

PMH Sensory room 3


12 responses to “He’s out

  1. Tania
    So glad to hear all is well. The sensory room looks like a wonderful place. Your photos of Josh are great, I especially like the last one.

    • That’s Joshy’s big smile. Sort of photographs like a grimace… but those who really know him will know it’s his happy happy face and can you imagine the squeal and deep “hehe” that goes with it. It really was nice. His hair is wet from his shower, I learned how to “transfer” a big boy properly to a shower bed. That was very good for me to learn as he’s getting bigger. But when we were there I realised I had no shampoo, so I washed his hair with antibacterial handsoap that they have on every tap in hospital. It worked just fine. Work with what you have, that’s a good motto.

  2. That is so good to hear …. love the photos too, looks to be a great room….

  3. Oh wow. That room looks cool!! Shiney!!! I think i’d like it. hehe. So nice to see his smile, I MISS HIM!!! Wicked lights, i think you’ll have to make an investment when you get back here and buy him some. You’ll probably need some shares in Sinergy too. Hehe. Missing you all heaps, see you soon. XOXO

  4. Good to hear your’e doing well Josh . It looks like a COOL hospital but we know it’s more fun being home with Mum, Dad and all the other guys.
    Love you lots.
    Oma and Opa

  5. Rachael Catalano

    Wow! At least after all that he could take something positive home from the experience. Photos look good and Josh looks chuffed with all the lights! Good on him!

  6. Balloons and streamers- WOW! How lovely and thoughtful and perfect for Josh…….

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