Home sweet home

Ah it’s good to be home. How wonderful it is to see my babies again… all dressed immaculately and waiting for us at the airport waving and jumping about. I could just imagine how much effort would have taken for Miss L to have the three of them there in that condition. The boys hardly stay clean for 10 minutes. home sweet home
 I called out “Hi Beautiful” from the aircraft to my boys and the bloke  in the fluro vest working on the tarmac next to us says ” Thanks”.  That’s when you can tell you’re back home.
Back in sunny Geraldton.  It’s home.
Perth’s nice, but it’s not home. Sure, Perth has big fancy hospitals, that are equipped for little disabled diabetic bundles of fun, and Perth has Shopping Centres, that are full of new and exciting things to see, and Perth has big fancy Entertainment Centres that have great concerts like Pink and fairs like the Craft Fair… oh ok. Perth is not that bad. But I do love home. That’s why when we are in that hospital, its nice to have a Dongara girl as our nurse, and when we are shopping in that Shopping Centre it’s nice to see familiar faces from Geraldton. It always happens doesn’t it? Much to my brother’s dismay (who, by the way is a local) we said hello to a few Gero folk, and one ‘good’  Narrogin family, who are really a Geraldton family waiting to come home. Is 3 years up yet? We seek each other out, us country folk, like magnets. Either that, or I am being stalked and they knew where I’d be. Amazing to meet up in such a big place at the right time – Peta was there too, we bumped into her, she was in the clothes store next to my Sister In Law’s Optom shop. Yeah, stalkers.
Lauren had a wonderful time with my children, and they had a wonderful time with her. When I ‘suggested’ on Saturday that I come home early, it was a resounding “NO”. That’a nice. I mean it. Nice that they were happy. Safe. Having fun.
Now I am home and laying down the law again. That’s fun. And by the way… Josh is great. He went back to school today.


2 responses to “Home sweet home

  1. As John always says, the best view of Perth is in the rear view mirror …. 🙂 Great to hear that Josh is doing so well too.

  2. Way to go Josh! So glad you could go to school today………Perth has that “big country town” feel- that’s why I am now Perthite never to return to the east coast……….I think you probably ran into more people you know at The Gate than I normally do- scary! We loved having you all here and so nice to have Josh for a sleepover for a change- we’re ready for the next onslaught at “Chateau de Beerens” with Miss L and Mr D due any minute now- Oliver will be in heaven again!

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