Wii are good in Perth

We have come to stay at Chris and Louise’s house and are having lessons in their new Wii game. Although the Wii fit looks to be a fun way to exercise… it’s still exercise, and I am allergic to exercise.

Andrew and Chris had a few rounds of Wii Boxing… how funny to watch them, bouncing around, ducking and jabbing to punch each other up in this virtual boxing ring. The pair of them had their “concentration” tongues in full force but Andrew was knocked out flat pretty early in the piece and seeing stars.

Wii Chris Andrew

They went on to skiing and balance games, nice to see the little boys enjoying themselves. There’s Louise in the background – working on her crochet squares while her back heals… she’s defected from paper to cloth – thanks Lisa!

Josh is doing very well, a little ‘fragile’ still and super drooly, but otherwise fine. He slept reasonably well, needing only to be covered up about 8 times through the night, with only a couple of small bleeds. This morning Little O put Nemo on for him (even though Little O much prefers Wiggles) to stop him crying and told him he was a good boy. So cute. He’d like to have his twin cousins visit I think, or Edimee (Emily).

Wii Chris Andrew 2

I am on the plane right now and very excited to be seeing my other 3 babies again. Boy do I miss them! Knowing they are having a great time and in very good hands I have no concerns, but I just miss them. Miss L, I imagine, is tired and ready to have her life back.


9 responses to “Wii are good in Perth

  1. hey all that boxing is doin things for Andy’s bod!!!! Look at you matey … lost a lotta weight and you’ll be fightin those hot mamas off in the car park soon!! Watch out Tan!!!

  2. ooh that don’t sound too good!!! think you’d beta read what you wrote again… umm as long as you’re keepin it in the family I spose???**!!!!? NOICE!!!!! Go Boys!!!

  3. I just thought it was hilarious to see Andrew gradually think up reasons to justify the purchase of said game console- eg” Ooh these balance games would be good for the boys” HUH? Too funny…….

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