2 artists.

Child #2 and I have decided that we would like to be artists. Do you think that makes us artists?  The sheer “want” to be? (My Dad would say I am a bull artist). I guess if I say I am an artist, then I am.  I am an artist. Child #2 is an artist too.

We are painting on canvas. We took a trip to Jacksons on Marine Terrace a little while ago and have set ourselves up. So now we have the gear to look like artists.

Trouble is. It’s not easy.  I am a “copier” not a “creator”. I just can’t seem to do it. I looked at this blank canvas for so long and can’t figure out “what” to paint or  “how” to paint it. All I knew was that I wanted texture on my canvas, as did my artist child. So, we slapped on some Gesso. I could manage that. White. Easy. My girl had more texture than I, and I immediately liked her’s better.

So, my artist child tells me “Come on Mum… just do what you do”. If you copy something, then that’s ok, it’ll be yours when you’ve finished”.

So, I am going to take that little bit of advice and I am going to “do what I do” – I need inspiration. I need something to copy. And I am going to be ok with it. So I have grabbed a book with a picture in it, and sketched it out on the gesso covered canvas in pencil.

art tan 1

My artist child is using Donna’s journal as inspiration, she loves her layering and texture. She’s been into my scrapbooking papers I see, also my glue, whilst wasn’t looking. All in the name of art. Now I like hers even more than before, way better than mine. And I love those drips.

art em 1

This is a learning process for us, hopefully we will end up with something that’s ok in the end, and if it isn’t… then we are just gonna paint over it all and start again. It’s all fun.


2 responses to “2 artists.

  1. I like yours better Tan, sorry Em

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