Da artists in da house

Golly this painting thing is harder than I had hoped. I am bad at mixing colours, and when it finally goes on it looks all wrong. But… I am learning. I don’t like the blue in the sky, it’s too dark, and bright, adn too blue, and the lake turned out a algae green colour- again – too dark. Hopefully I can change it later. I think my perspective is wrong too. I think I have bitten off more than I can chew without lessons. This is just the base layer though, so it should get better from here. art tan 2

art tan 3

I have a little 8 x8 canvas here, so I might have a go on that with some lolly colours and paint a fairy or something… might be more my style. I will keep at this one and come back to it, but if it continues like this, then I will gesso over the whole lot and start again.

Child #2 however, seems to be in her element, slapping paint here and there.

art em 2

I am surprised at how relaxing it is to be painting, with my child at my side, she says it makes her feel “happy” and I understand what she means. Even if the finished product is just a pile of junk, it doesn’t matter, it’s more about the process and enjoying the creating of it.


2 responses to “Da artists in da house

  1. that could be worth hundreds of dollars min the future…..who knows??? keep it up girls you are braver than me!

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