She’s dressed

ArtTanPink5A few minutes here and there, and she is coming along. Her dress is a bit see-through! Rudey. The white picked up a lot of the pink from underneath, I noticed that when layering her wings too, so I dotted over them with a thicker dot each.I have taken an angled shot to show how bumpy this ended up. Now I wish I had of added in Texture Paste to give it even more.


Learning learning, all the time.



6 responses to “She’s dressed

  1. Aaaaww she’s preeeety!

  2. wow your doing such a wicked job u realy can take you hand 2 anything smarty pants you truely enspire but u need 2 do one about cleanning our rooms again aaahhhhhhhh looks like a bomb has hit it (mine that is lol) ppllleeaassse dont put my stufff on shelllfff i do want it 1 more week n im free again

  3. Wow, you have a quiet couple of weeks, and there’s all sorts of new projects underway! Looking gorgeous. Good to see you putting all your spare time to good use – can’t say the same this end – very easy to do not much at all at the moment!! xx

  4. Sleep so overated…

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