Delish Album Class


What a great bunch of girls we had to do this class this weekend, dedicated to finishing the whole album – no matter how long it took! They all did a superb job and their albums all looked so beautiful, nearly everyone choosing this album to be their Wedding Album.

Luckily they were all such good sports too as we went WAY over time. I had taken weeks to plan this class, and hadn’t done a “trial run” to see exactly how long it would actually take. Let’s just say it took longer than I envisaged.

Committed to the end.

This is what the workroom looked like as I was setting it up in the afternoon.


It looked so nice.. and tidy… but not for long.


The packs went out on the tables. Glad we didn’t have any real champers, we would never had made it as far as we did. It was caffiene and chocolate for us.


Delish-ious products to play with.




Thanks girls for a great night xx


6 responses to “Delish Album Class

  1. Great fun. Great pages. I have never produced 20 pages in 8 hours before. I would recomend it to anyone and everyone.
    Loved it Tania.
    Diana 🙂

  2. Looks like fun- I’m sure everyone love it!

    • Yes, my guinea pigs did a beautiful job… the next time I run this class it won’t be so late in the night.(I mean so early in the morning).

  3. Tania, looks like sooo much fun!! Can’t wait to do it myself!

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