Would ya look at that!

I noticed my stats today. You know, the numbers. The number of times my site has been visited, hit, viewed or searched.
Today it hit the quarter million mark. I must admit this gave me a little thrill, I check my daily hits, it’s the first thing I go to in my ” blogging dashboard”,to see if anyone’s there. Hello…. are you there?
So it’s not really like I just noticed. I have watched it crawl up there. It zoomed for a while about a year ago when I was put on search engines, but I rectified this as it wasn’t a true indicator for me (thanks CB), and now all visits are real visits. Mostly. I hope.
So, my daily hits are a bit “hit and miss”, sometimes there’s lots, like on a day when I post an email. Sometimes when I have blogged lots, there are plenty looking for the next exciting chapter, and when I get slack, so the ratings drop off. I don’t know how many of you use the RSS feed (the orange button) to update you as soon as there is a new post.
It’s hard to stay blogging sometimes. Sometimes you can’t shut me up, other times it’s a drag. It’s been almost 3 years since I first opened my eyes to the blogging world. Little did I know how it would grow. I have posted over 900 posts, with 2800 comments since then. We’ve seen many scrapbooking layouts, many cool new products that have come onto the market and you’ve learned all about me and my family. You know all about the cubby (which is finally being looked at in the last few days) you’ve seen my photography grow, and seen the antics we get up to on retreat.
I have probably shared some stuff I shouldn’t have and will probably continue to do so. Man, you’ve even been on holiday with me!
Many of the most viewed pages on my blog seem to be those with my Joshua, and you have shared some of my days with him. Somehow it makes me feel nice that others are interested, he is a big part of our lives and I wonder sometimes if I tend to “go on and on” a little too much.
I have considered starting another blog, removing my family stuff and keeping it purely scrapbooking – to try to stay focused.
I considered moving to a profitable blog – to make some money.
I considered stopping altogether – to free up some time for me.
But hey… who needs sleep right? And you guys have put up with me so far, so I guess I must be sort of ok. Right?
So, a quarter of a million is a pretty good number. Today I feel that I am going to keep on blogging. And you know why? I love it. Even if no-one ever reads anything. I would blog all to myself, just because.
Oh, and apologies to all those out there who would rather see just scrapbooking, you must know me by now, I am sidetracked, distracted, a thousand things on the go at once, my job, my family-  it’s a lot more than just scrapbooking.
Expect to see more of me.
Oh… and my next post has a giveaway.

Keep those stats up! Check back or “RSS feed” me. 🙂


7 responses to “Would ya look at that!

  1. Scrapbooking and family are infinitely connected – so it would be difficult for you to separate.

    Keep up the good work. I go to your blog just about daily – a testament to the captivity it provides.

  2. I agree with Chris B, love to read your blog, & I work for/with you! It is the first thing I check when I log on to the internet each day, am dissappointed when you havent had time to blog, but there are only 24 hours in each day & yes, you do need to sleep. Looking forward to your next entry, love R

  3. I agree with my hubby (OMG)- scrapping, family and life are all the same thing…….you certainly can’t scrap without the other two……..keep it up!

  4. Plus, we are completely self-absorbed, and love it when you blog about us!!! Wont share my measly stats, but very proud of you xxx

  5. Julie Marchetti

    There will always be plenty of people who read about you, work, family, Josh, kids, cubbyhouses, brothers, brothers girlfriends and the whole myriad of your life.
    I ready each day and love to know all the goings on…
    anyway, who needs sleep….
    Julie Marchetti

  6. Everyone loves reading your blog ,not only those of us who know and love you [and get our names mentioned in there from time to time] but people from all around the world .
    So keep up the good work .

  7. I love reading your blog (not only because i’m in it sometimes) but because i care about you and your family and like to know what is happening (even though i see you like, all the time). And i agree with everyone, you can’t separate family from scrapping. And i like to know about all the new shinny stuff!!!!
    Keep up the blog,
    Lauren xoxo

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