Fairy girl

Art Tan Fairywand

She has arms and legs and a beautiful magic wand now. Actually she has been this way for a while, but I forgot to share with you. It’s been a learning process for me, the white paint kept soaking up the lipstick pink from the background and turning pink. Her blue in her eyes went purple, the wings  and her light from the wand was a neat shade of pink too. My artist child assures me this is ok, but no no no, I wanted it white.

So I painted decided to scrap this painting and have gone over the whole thing again with gesso and started from scratch again.

No I did not. Liar liar. I have given it a clear coat of gloss, and then gone over each white bit carefully with white again. Then I added sparkle. Not much I can do about the face now, she looks tanned. Summer fairy maybe?

It now has more sparkle (gotta love stickles) and I have redone the eyes, which now have come out darker blue, but I dare not touch them again, I keep adding more and more paint and one moment it will all be ruined.  I think I have sat down to this painting about 10 times now. She now also has a quote on the canvas, from Shakespeare no less, which i haven’t photograhped yet, and all I need to do is one more clear coat after class tonight and hope like crazy my white doesn’t smudge. I will cry if it does!

Art Tan Fairywand 2

She should be finished by the weekend.


One response to “Fairy girl

  1. WOW- Awesome job- love her love her love her!!

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