They’re on!

Big girl panties

Okaaaaay, I am dealing with the smudged white ink thing. Put into perspective, if it’s the worst thing that happens to me all day, then it’s a good day. I will figure out something to fix it up, or I will just leave it the way it is, and call it “artistic flair” or something like that.

My Sister-In-Law (mwah) sent me this card… it’s so me! She actually sent me a bunch of them because I wanted to put them up in frames. (She is super nice, and apparently loves it when I write about her) This one is my favourite. I just love this saying, some of you might have even been told by me these very words – said with love of course.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend… whatcha up to?


6 responses to “They’re on!

  1. Great card. Not doing much, just catching up.

  2. What a great card! I have seen a stamp similar to this but can’t remember where……..

  3. Gotta leave a comment after that!!! Bet the picture still looks gorgeous x

  4. DFBB Senior (Dad) and DFBB Junior (Me) are in Kalgoorlie renovating a wonky old house.

    It’s fricken freezing and the inside toilet is actually outside under the verandah (like Mum’s place). There’s also an old out house but I’m too scared to go in there through the mud.

  5. CB< are you afraid the boogie man might get you?

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