Watching her

Sometimes I feel like I could watch this kid all day, sometimes she just mesmerises me.


Watching her paint is like listening to a song, like watching a ballet. The story unfolds as she works.

Mostly she is disapproving with her efforts, and as I watch she frowns and narrows her eyes. She groans and spends time studying, mixing the right colour, unsure how to continue. Her brow smooths out as the paint goes on right and she concentrates hard to get the look she is after. Her eyes seem to never close.  This continues until she is finished, then you can read the feeling of self-accomplishment, the pride that it’s complete.  Then after a while she is critical again, always picking the flaws, always thinking it should be, could be, better. Hesitant to be grateful for the admiration we have for her.

No matter how much her brothers exclaim how good her art is, no matter how much I tell her it’s good, she is still unsure. Soon, very soon, she will gain confidence in her art. I saw her smiling at this finished piece the other day. She painted the whole thing, start to finish, pencil to paint,  on Saturday afternoon. It’s her impression of Monet’s painting (pictured next to it)


She has been working so very hard on a project for school these past few weeks, and has a presentation on Wednesday. I am excited for her. No doubt you will all hear about it from me on Wednesday night!


6 responses to “Watching her

  1. A beautiful picture of my favorite neice Tania. She’s growing up fast.

    Em, a truly remarkable work of art. You’re very talented – but I think you already know that. Keep up the good work.
    Uncle C.

  2. Woah! That’s amazing Emily!

  3. Lovely replica….however why that piece of Monets work? He did some stuff with beautiful colour in it….does it have some significance?

    • Hi Jen – we MUST catch up!
      I asked her why she chose that – she said she liked to paint water.
      I asked about the colours. – Monet painted in these colours after his first wife Camille passed away, he was quite heartbroken and depressed. He painted her on her deathbed in the greys, blues and yellows, and thereafter used those same colours in much of his work.
      I guess she thought it was still beautiful, but reflected some of his sadness.

  4. She is a work of art Tania. She is so beautiful and talented. I wish i could be as talented as her.

  5. Judy O'Malley

    Hi Emily
    Your painting is trully amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure in a few year we will be hearing that you are having a art exhibition of your very own. Well done.
    Judy O’Malley

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