Whilst I was ironing this morning

These are the sorts of conversations I overhear


Child #4 : One day I want to go on a holiday to Israel

The King :  That’s a dangerous place for a holiday

Child #4 : You just have to stay away from people wearing jackets.

The King: Why do you want to go there?

Child #4: Because I want to swim in the Dead Sea…
You can float really good there…
Because it’s so salty…
Because it’s evaporated so much…
But you have to wear goggles.

The King: Jerusalem might be an interesting place to visit

Child #2 Well, I want to go to New Zealand

The King:  Uh huh. It’s cold there.

Child #3 Oh, we can’t then, because we don’t have warm coats.

Child #3 Is Jerusalem in New Zealand?




And here is what is on the bench tonight…

Our tooth fairy has forgotten for the past 2 nights, so I suggested Child #4 write a little note…



A little note

Subtle as a sledgehammer.


3 responses to “Whilst I was ironing this morning

  1. OMG so cute!!!!!! they are so gorgeous!!!! You betta make sure the tooth fairy gives him some money. I think there should be fees involved for him having to wait so long!!!


  3. Tooth fairy’s are very busy….

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