Day one done

Our first day of our Senior First Aid Course is complete. One more day to go.
Boy First Aid has changed since I did this course back in my pharmacy days. And your haven’t updated your First Aid certificate in a long time, then you’ll be pleased to know t’s a whole lot easier now.
Being a 2 day course, by tomorrow night I should be qualified to perform CPR and I can’t feel bad about “not taking the time” like that hard-hitting ad on TV! That is if I pass!
My dear friend Bronwyn and I both went today, we booked it last month… and guess who else was booked in on for the same course by his boss?
My baby brother Mr. D
Yeah, he goes to great lengths to be near me. Haha


2 responses to “Day one done

  1. I think that ad has been very successful in getting people to update their skills- tell that Mr D that Geraldton is such a small place from me- bit of an ongoing joke between him and Miss L and CB and me. If he tops the class I don’t wanna know 😉

  2. I guess we know why he is redoing the course he’s already done now. So he can be with his big sister. Oh. I couldn’t get the day off other wise i would’ve been appart of your entourage too.

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