The mess

After posting Child #3’s bedside table the other day, I feel the need to point out exactly how much c#@p  stuff he has here.

I also need to point out that this is not unusual.


Child #3 has this ‘need’ to have the things that are precious to him nearby. Trouble is, most things everything he owns are precious.  He doesn’t outgrow his toys, and only puts them away when threathened within an inch of his life to CLEAR OFF YOUR MESS! (Can you imagine me yell? I am a good yeller)

I also need to point out that this is his bedside table. Just the bedside. A small spot. You should see the floor. And you should see him scurry on Sunday afternoon when it’s vaccuum day. Scurry scurry scurry. 

And did you know he kind of has a ‘thing’ for Star Wars? Big time. This is him, so quirky and cute at the same time. So predictable. Such a boy, with books about bums and cars that turn into robots.

I don’t understand boys very well.

I like them, but they are so different. I understand that they love Lego and Star Wars and farting, I just don’t see the attraction myself.

I guess that they don’t get nailpolish and hair products either.

Mars and Venus.


And that bo0k? Bumaggedon! Who writes stuff like that? It’d have to be a boy!


2 responses to “The mess

  1. This is just like Chris’ used to be except he was in to transformers, beastwars and pokemon. Now it is just as messy just with Big Boy sorry (MAN) stuff.

  2. Boys rock- I totally “get” them

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