I used to have a cool car

I wonder if everyone has had a car that they loved? I sure hope so.

Or at least done something once that they are glad they did, or proud of, or just felt “cool” doing it. So you can look back and say “I did that”.

I saw this little blue Mazda RX7 zooming around the corner at the lights today, and it made me smile. As I heard it’s buzzing rotary motor and watched as it sped past and couldn’t help myself as I put my own foot down with some sort of mechanical memory of what it used to feel like. Well, you don’t get the same feeling in a 7 seater Chrysler Van. No no no, you sure don’t. My van is pretty go-ey though. For a van. And it will cart 7 people, that’s pretty good.

Oh come on… who are we kidding, “that’s pretty good”. It’s not good, it’s “practical”. Boring. Responsible. Unexciting. Large Family Car. LARGE. I feel like I will never own another cool car in my life again.

I have been eyeing off this little convertible across the road for sale… oh slap me.

So, now that I am a grown up, with 4 children and the need for a large family car – I see the good in being sensible. I wouldn’t want a silly high revving, low to the ground, only fit 2 people in it stupid car. No way. Not me. Not even a little bit. Well, maybe just a little bit, and you can fit your kid brother in the back with his legs around his ears (hey CB), and a dog in the boot. No, no no, I wouldn’t want that now.

Know why? Because I have “been there, done that”, and it gives me a nice feeling that I can let go. I can say ” I used to have this cool car”. I used to drag the boys at the lights… and win… (mind you I still win in my Chrysler, although no-one is racing me) I enjoyed driving home every day, I even loved washing that car. What I guess I mean is that it’s not a wish unfulfilled.

One day…. I might have the little sportscar again. When my children have their own cars,  I am old and my knees completely give out on me, hopefully they have booster seats like those armchairs you can get that help you up.

I hope you all have something in your life that is a fulfilled wish.

I guess if we start counting I have plenty — and my 5 biggest wishes fit into my van.


18 responses to “I used to have a cool car

  1. Your brother’s last three cars have all been his dream cars- I want to get whatever I want for my next car, rather than what he provides me with……….and your brother knows what that is!

  2. That RX7 was a part of the family. I even remember you letting me drive it when I was on my Learner’s.

    I remember the sadness you had when the engine ceased up due to a $1.50 sump plug.

    I remember that favourite corner (and mine) coming from NW Coastal Hwy onto Place Road. You know the one – the one that if you took it too quick, you would end up in the BP servo!

    There’s nothing that states that you can’t have 2 cars – it’s not like The King has his dream 2 door car….

    Something to whet your appitite.

    or this one (black looks hot)


    • Oh yeah… the heartbreak of the engine breaking down… it ran was using too much oil and ran out one day. boo hoo.
      Andrew spent ages rebuilding the motor after a couple of months it blew a core plug. (so he tells me, I don’t really know what a core plug is) He is trying to tell me and I still don’t get it.
      Love those links… that black one is me all over! I’d really like to drive that.

  3. personally…i cant see the attraction. As long as a car gets you from point A to point B (is reliable) and doesnt leak when it rains and is safe…then it really doesnt matter what it looks like does it?? I think that letting a car appease your ego is just another way of throwing money out the window…

    • Some people appease their passion with cars – some with Scrappin’….

    • I hadn’t considered myself one who has a large ego to appease before, but I do enjoy driving nice cars. Mine certainly are not expensive, I haven’t ever bought a car costing more than $14,000, (and that’s the family car I drive today). Even the old Monaro was only $4,000. But I guess we just spend what we have.
      I guess it doesn’t really matter what it looks like, as long as it works… but we could say the same about a pair of shoes.
      We all like to look at nice things, be it beauty in cars, beauty in nature, beauty in people or beauty in art.
      and we dream…
      Sportscars, grand pianos, picket fences, Ayres Rock, the Eiffel Tower… and don’t forget Brad Pitt.

      • Fortunately, people have different ideas of what is beautiful….and when one person sees beauty another may just see a lump of metal that is a necessary evil, a lump of metal that guzzles money like there is no tomorrow, lump of metal that pollutes and kills….a lump of metal that some of us place far too much importance on…….just my opinion…

  4. BRAD PITT !!! Now you’re talking !!!

  5. I have only had the finances to have a “practical, economical, safe” car but I have always told my children that I want a sports car for my 50th birthday, lol, dreams are free!!

  6. Gotta say, not a car girl, but Louise, that Audi is very nice, and Tania, I can see you cruising in that back mazda! As for me, I’d just be happy to drive anything or wear a shoe right now!!! 8 weeks down, 4 to go ….AAAARGH!!!!!!!!!!

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