Ok… so it’s going to happen

Finally, I am going to do it.

The long awaited card making class is happening. Yes, believe me this time. I know I have said again and again that I will, I just needed time to fit one in. I am guilty of putting it in the “too-hard-basket” (that basket is kinda full these days anyway). I have had so many ladies asking me to do card classes, for months and months now. Easy class, hard class, ANY class! Trouble is everyone wants them on different days. (of course)

So, I have spent the last month working on it. It began as a secret, I wasn’t sure how I would like this new venture. But I am loving it! And I have 9 classes all ready to go. Woo hoo. Now I am excited and know those taking them will enjoy each class and it’s no secret anymore.

I have been cuttlebugging away, got my kids into it and Miss L too! I have stamped and inked, coloured and written up class plans. I have ordered the stock, done my samples, I have even scheduled them into Term 3. Wednesdays beginning next week.

Right about now I am feeling pretty good with myself. And I am loving my cards. Who’s birthday is it next? Not that I am giving any of these away. Hee hee.

Edit – I did write one up for Little O, but had to swap it last minute for a cheapo store-bought one when Miss L admitted she used the very same card! Would have been hilarious for him to receive 2 handmade cards – the same!


3 responses to “Ok… so it’s going to happen

  1. How can two handmade cards be exactly the same???? And Oliver wouldn’t have cared and I would have got a giggle out of it………….Check out Jennifer McGuires Thinking Inking videos she has recently done if you haven’t already- great inking techniques mainly for cards……you could fill a whole term just by teaching/learning these techniques!

  2. love the samples I’ve seen so far, the ladies who take the classes will have a great time whipping up those beauties!

  3. I think that the funniest part about it is the fact that neither of us created them. Oh well. Great minds think alike. hehe

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