Emily’s special night was on Friday night. Lauren was her sponsor (so she got to sit next to this pretty girl all night) and we then had dinner at home with the family.


Her dress is perfect – great shopping Lisa! We will take some “daylight” shots of the dress on the weekend.

I tried to get some family photos too… tried. The lighting was bad, my camera wasn’t set right and then.. I had to contend with this..


and this…


And I am not even going to show you the ones with David and Lauren… this is a PG rated site.

Don’t worry… I made a scene, ranted and raved about how photos are my thing and that I had spent all afternoon cooking and they should give me an inch… blah blah blah. I did get my photo. But now I look at it, I find it surprisingly boring. confirmationfamily2


Somehow, these stupid ones make me smile more. This is more real-to-life for me.

I’m a sucker for punishment.


8 responses to “Confirmation

  1. Firsty, well done Emily. We wish we were there for your special day. You look fantastic.

    As for the rest of your family – well……

    Nice pics DB/LS (by deduction).

  2. Is that Andrew in an ironed shirt?? been a long time since I saw that… never!!

  3. Emily, you look beautiful- would love to see a full-length shot…..

  4. Emily,you look absolutely gorgeous .What a beautiful dress.We are very proud of you and wish we could have been there too.
    Lots of love from Oma and Opa

  5. Congrats Em, you looked gorgeous – did we do good or what??
    The cupcake fairy left a little box on my front doorstep this morning – if you were here I would share, but promise to have some on hand for your next visit! There’s an incentive!

  6. What’s a cupcake fairy? Is it a fairy that climbs on your face and farts on you?

  7. Er, no.
    The cupcake fairy leaves a beautifully wrapped box of 6 cupcakes on your front door step. Sadly, she is very rare

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