17 years

Today is our anniversary.

17 years ago I was lucky enough to marry the man I loved. I loved him with all my heart. So deeply. And coudn’t image anyone loving anyone anymore than I loved him.

Until today.

I love him more than I could ever imagine anyone ever could. Every stinking day is just that little bit more. How could that happen? I am so lucky.


4 responses to “17 years

  1. Congratulations, hope you have many many more..

  2. Congrats guys.

    I got a bit confused when you had the wrong tense (loved instead of ‘love’).

    Marriage is one thing, being together is another. So for those that didn’t know, The King and the Scrapbook Queen have been together for around 24 YEARS! Pretty good for someone that hasn’t hit 4-0 yet.

    Every “stinking day”. Probably have to agree with that – why do us boys always have a certain parfum?

  3. Congrats to you both and hope you have many, many more….

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