Making stuff

Being a twin doesn’t mean that you have to think alike.. or act alike… or even like each other.

But in the case of my boys, (fight as they do the second they have to cooperate cleaning their rooms), they know what each other “likes”. What makes the other smile. Usually it’s little things like fart noises and stupid jokes. They recite lines from movies and crack each other up. When they are not frowing at each other that is.

The other day Child #4 (aka Twin 2) was feeling creative. It amazes me what these kids come up with… they are so clever. So Twin 2 decided to make something. Something his brother would like. Something that would make him smile.

He has computer paper, card, some scrap pens, a pencil and some stickytape. What could you possibly make for Twin 1, that would make him smile?

Goop materials

Ben 10 is currently pretty big in Twin 1’s life right now, so he went with that, and after almost a whole roll of sticky tape later, he presented Twin 1 with this…

Goop Ben 10

From this

Ben109.jpg Ben 10 image by miguelm-c

Don’t you just love it when kids get constructive? My lot might not be out falling all over ball outside or running till they are puffed, and when I see them making stuff, by themselves, I don’t mind one bit. It’s who they are and thats good with me. They are pretty cool.

Goop Paper 1

That’s a whole lotta sticky tape!

Goop Paper 2

The UFO on his head… see I am learning!

Goop is a shape-shifting, self-regenerating green blob that weighs 200 pounds. The Goop has a UFO that controls Goop’s slime, which is also where Ben’s voice comes from. The UFO can cause the slime to take any shape, regenerate wounds, and even hover off the ground. However, if the UFO and the slime are separated by even a short distance, the slime will go inert until the UFO recollects it.

And do you think Twin 2 made Twin 1 smile?


Goop Happy


8 responses to “Making stuff

  1. Very good.
    Kinda reminds me of someone else that always used to use up all of Mum’s sticky tape. Though I don’t ever recall him being that creative.

    What would be cool would be to give both boys the same 4 items, put them in separate rooms for 1 hour and see what they make. Kinda how I used to race them on the floor when they started crawling….

    • Sticky tape was his favourite media. I remember well, our tape dispenser was mysteriously empty after his visits.

      Love the idea of putting the boys in separate rooms for an hour. Just that alone is appealing. Hee hee.

  2. That is so cool!! My guys are definitely at their happiest when working on a project at the making table – I reckon if we just gave them a couple of dozen rolls of sticky tape every christmas all would be good!

  3. I too, love sticky tape…………but I don’t think I could be that creative-way to go!

  4. wow that is so kool what wicked job and imagination, look out mum youve got your work cut out keepen up with that 1 you should be soooooooooo proud of your self mate A+

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